Jim Shaw
40 Under Forty
July 2, 2021
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The Land Information Services team would like to recognize Jim Shaw for his achievements and congratulate him for being selected as one of E&P’s 40 Under Forty honorees.
Land Information Services (LIS) is a recognized leader in redefining the Land software space with their product LandVantage. Not just an agreement database, LandVantage is an enterprise land records and workflow management software made by land professionals, for land professionals, that includes GIS, Document Management, eCalendar, Down Well Monitoring, Owner Relations CRM and more. LIS is also the industry leader in providing Lease Records, Division Orders and Owner Relations outsourcing services. LIS empowers companies by streamlining data processes and improving data quality; thereby creating significant value for the clients they serve. It’s time to do more with LIS. Live in LandVantage.
Recognizing Today's Rising Technology Influencers
Article by Hart Energy - June 2021
Jim Shaw began his career as an intern with Chesapeake Energy (CHK) in 2003 while he was a freshman at Oklahoma State University. He was then hired by CHK upon graduation.
“My uncle, who worked in IT with CHK, suggested I apply for an internship during the summer break [of my freshman year],” Shaw said. “My interview was with then VP of Land Admin Wade Brawley, the now founder and CEO of Land Information Services [LIS]. I started in the records center and eventually moved into increasing roles within land administration focusing on transactions, systems and processes.”
Advancing into a supervisory role, he became an advisor for several processes within land, lease records, division orders and treasury. He also managed the support for all major monetization transactions and mortgages for A&D, land, treasury, finance and reservoir engineering. In addition to transaction support, Shaw helped design and implement multiple workflow applications that benefited interdepartmental communication and data integrity.
In 2012 Shaw joined LIS and now serves as president and COO. He is responsible for executing the company’s strategy and vision, overall day-to-day operations, oversight of LandVantage development and client implementations, internal technology, project management strategies and more.
Milestones and Mentorship
“Most notable is our current LandVantage system (Enterprise Land Records & Workflow Management Software) at LIS. We’ve taken countless workflows we’ve implemented over the course of our careers and embedded them within one platform so land and land admin users can live within one application all day without requiring frequent transitions to dozens of other ancillary workflow systems. The efficiency gain is incredible and offers tremendous ROI across the organization as other departments contribute to various processes within LandVantage as well as our approach to process user experience is truly unprecedented across the land software market. There were other systems I was responsible for implementing while at CHK that benefited interdepartmental communication and data integrity between land, A&D, treasury, finance and reservoir engineering which I was very proud to be a part.”
Industry Transformation
“This past year has been a harsh reality check. We should always be willing to take risks, and it’s more natural to do so when commodity prices are at attractive levels, but we should never return to the frivolous methods we once employed. We need a culture that keeps each other accountable. We need to keep working harder, but working smarter should be paramount. We need technology that provides more than just incremental advances in data accuracy, data integrity, process efficiency and overall value proposition for companies to scale their businesses without proportionately scaling their G&A. Best-of-breed technology is winning more than it used to, so we need more meaningful collaboration between vendors who serve different areas in the organization to create a larger value proposition for both vendors and client alike.”
Advice for Young Professionals
“Don’t follow the crowd. It’s so tempting to aspire for the most glamorous or popular position, but you will often get lost in the mix and become just another employee. If you want to be normal, have low risk and follow the status quo; there’s a lot of opportunity to do just that. However, I would encourage young professionals to find a niche they can become both expert in and passionate about, that may not be what anyone else is interested in and have a relentless pursuit to deliver value where others are not. Warning, be prepared to have an appetite for risk.”